John Watson

Hello! My name is Watson and I’m a freelance web developer. I create web sites using the latest tech for clients both huge and small. Contact me and I’ll help you build your dream project.


Selected Projects

Bask Digital
christian audio
Game Mechanic Explorer
Core Diver
Zombie Tactics
Big Huge Labs
Big Huge Thesaurus
Kids Weather Report
Sun Tzu's Art of War


A long time ago, I worked at Mattel, Inc., in El Segundo, where I was the lead developer behind the first few iterations of and I'm listed as a co-inventor on the My Design Barbie patent (#6,206,750) — no, seriously — because I helped design and build the website and backend systems for personalizing the dolls online and communicating with a fulfillment process in China.

Later, I was a lead developer at Channelwave where I helped create customized web e-commerce systems for major manufacturers like HP, Sony, Toshiba, Maxtor, Western Digital, Sharp, Kia Motors, ATI, Hawk Clothing, Logitech, Lexmark, and many others. Then I started freelancing.

I have a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UC Irvine.

I contributed to the O'Reilly book Flickr Hacks. I'm also a published photographer with photographs in JPG Magazine Issue 7, Flickr Hacks by Jim Bumgardner & Paul Bausch, How to Use Flickr by Richard Giles, Create Your Own Photo Blog by Catherine Jamieson, Digital Photography and Lighting by Catherine Jamieson & Sean McCormick.

I'm a husband and father of two. Raising children is simultaneously the toughest and most fulfilling job I've ever had.

I believe most people are fundamentally good. I am not religious.

My services look more expensive than the guys you'll find on those "hire a developer" sites. But you don't really know how expensive "cheap" developers are until you've wasted your entire budget on someone who can't deliver. Email me if you're frustrated with throwing your money away. No judgements... I want to help.