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Weather forecast for kids

I’m just Mr. Software lately. Every morning my kids ask me about the weather so they can get dressed. This is my first attempt at building a simplified weather forecast page for them.

It’s the weather report for today and tomorrow in a kid-friendly format. Once you’ve got it bookmarked, your kids are just one-click away from knowing what they should wear today. It shows the current conditions plus clothing suggestions for cold, cool, and warm weather. Works for any city in the world. (See the help page for setting up cities outside of the U.S.)

Usefulness varies depending on your weather and children.


These are the icons I created for The Creative Commons license (cc-by) allows you to do anything you like with the images including modifying them and using them in commercial works provided you attribute me when you do so (see included license for details).

The source file is an SVG image. It’s a vector image so it’s best to edit it using a vector illustration application (like Inkscape or Illustrator) but it can be opened in Photoshop and the like. I created it using Inkscape. (Inkscape is awesome.)

Download FD Weather Icons