Hi! I'm John and I'm a freelance web developer. I create web sites using the latest tech for clients both huge and small. Rent my brain and I'll help you build your dream project.

Recent Projects


TYPE OF WORK: Application development for the Magento e-commerce platform.

ABOUT: Custom module and feature development including customizations to all aspects of the customer-facing storefront and the backend store administration systems and databases.

KEY TECHNOLOGY: Magento, E-commerce, credit card payment gateways, MySQL database, PHP, Javascript

HTML5 Games

TYPE OF WORK: Cross-platform game development

ABOUT: Custom games that can be played in the browser, on mobile devices, and on the desktop.

KEY TECHNOLOGY: HTML5, JavaScript, mobile deployment via CocoonJS, desktop via node-webkit, 3rd-party services integration

Game Mechanic Explorer

Home page jumbotronInteractive examples

TYPE OF WORK: Cross-platform game development

ABOUT: A collection of concrete, interactive game development examples for various game mechanics, algorithms, and special effects.



Bug tracker dashboardCreate a new bug

TYPE OF WORK: PHP, AJAX, user interface development

ABOUT THE SITE: State of the art software development bug tracking application for small teams. AJAX technology used extensively throughout to provide desktop-like capabilities without requiring page refreshes.

KEY TECHNOLOGY: PHP, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, MySQL database

Stripe API

TYPE OF WORK: API integration, E-commerce, payment processing

ABOUT: Custom shopping cart solutions for one-time payments and subscriptions.


PayPal/Braintree API

TYPE OF WORK: API integration, E-commerce, payment processing

ABOUT: Custom shopping cart solutions for one-time payments and subscriptions. Various levels of PayPal integration including standard payments, Express Checkout, recurring payments, Braintree v.zero.



Distraction free writing environmentWriter settings screen

TYPE OF WORK: Custom PHP/AJAX, user interface

ABOUT THE SITE: A fast, simple, distractionless online writing environment.

KEY TECHNOLOGY: PHP, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL database, Word processing


BigHugeLabs.comMake a poster

TYPE OF WORK: Custom PHP, online generators

ABOUT THE SITE: Producers of fine toys and amusements for your digital photographs since 2005.

KEY TECHNOLOGY: PHP, Javascript, AJAX, Drag and Drop, MySQL database, E-commerce, PayPal integration

Big Huge Thesaurus

TYPE OF WORK: Custom PHP/AJAX, API development

ABOUT THE SITE: A comprehensive thesaurus, sounds-like reference, and rhyming dictionary. Users can suggest additional terms and phrases easily via AJAX-enabled forms that must be approved before being added. The site also includes a blogging post idea generator and a random plot/logline generator that is capable of creating millions of unique plot lines. Includes a public (free) and commercial API that can be accessed via a REST interface with output in text, XML, JSON, and serialized PHP.

KEY TECHNOLOGY: PHP, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL database


KidsWeatherReport.com home page
TYPE OF WORK: API integration, user interface development

ABOUT THE SITE: A weather report tool that uses the public Yahoo! Weather API to present weather forecasts in an intuitive way for very young people.


Sun Tzu's Art of War

Online book readerCross-referenced index viewed as a cloud

TYPE OF WORK: Custom PHP/AJAX, user interface development

ABOUT THE SITE: A unique and streamlined explorer for Sun Tzu’s ancient book. Innovative features include an online AJAX book reader; two-way, cross-referenced index with “tag cloud” display; and a highly functional people and search-engine friendly URL structure.

KEY TECHNOLOGY: PHP, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL database

Bask Digital

Login screenDynamic dashboard

TYPE OF WORK: Custom application development

ABOUT: Bespoke intranet application for CRM, managing advertising purchasing workflows, and analytics.

KEY TECHNOLOGY: MySQL database, PHP, Javascript, AngularJS, Bootstrap


Christianaudio.com home pageChristianaudio.com product page

TYPE OF WORK: E-commerce

ABOUT THE SITE: The leading online provider of thoughtful Christian audiobooks, lectures, and courses in digital download. Recently re-launched with Magento including full legacy data conversion from osCommerce.

KEY TECHNOLOGY: Magento custom module development, E-commerce, PHP, MySQL database, Podcasting, WordPress, TrustCommerce payment gateway

Skills, platforms, languages, technologies, etc.

  • HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, responsive design
  • PHP
  • PHP frameworks (Yii, Magento, WordPress, etc.)
  • MySQL, Redis, Memcached
  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • HTML5 game development
  • Linux server admin (Ubuntu, Redhat, CentOS)
  • Apache and Nginx web servers
  • API integrations and webhooks (Google, Amazon, etc.)
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Blogging and podcasting tools and platforms
  • Content management systems
  • Digital drawing and painting
  • 3D modeling (Blender)

Other stuff

A long time ago, I worked at Mattel, Inc., in El Segundo, where I was the lead developer behind the first few iterations of HotWheels.com and Barbie.com. I'm listed as a co-inventor on the My Design Barbie doll patent (#6,206,750 — no, seriously — because I helped design and build the website and backend systems for personalizing the dolls online and communicating with a fulfillment process in China.

Later, I was a lead developer at Channelwave where I helped create customized web e-commerce systems for major manufacturers like HP, Sony, Toshiba, Maxtor, Western Digital, Sharp, Kia Motors, ATI, Hawk Clothing, Logitech, Lexmark, and many others. Then I started freelancing.

I have a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Computer Engineering from UC Irvine.

I contributed to the O'Reilly book Flickr Hacks. I'm also a published photographer with photographs in JPG Magazine Issue 7, Flickr Hacks by Jim Bumgardner & Paul Bausch, How to Use Flickr by Richard Giles, Create Your Own Photo Blog by Catherine Jamieson, Digital Photography and Lighting by Catherine Jamieson & Sean McCormick.

I'm a husband and father of two. Raising children is simultaneously the toughest and most fulfilling job I've ever had.

My services are more expensive than the guys you'll find on those "hire a developer" sites. Email me if you're frustrated with throwing your money away on "inexpensive" web developers.

I believe most people are fundamentally good. I am not religious.