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Magento debugging tips

This helped debug some problems I was having with observers not doing what I was expecting.

  1. Login to your Magento admin and enable logging: Configuration | Developer | Log Settings | Enabled = Yes
  2. Add Mage::log() statements to your code. For example, in your observer callback: Mage::log(“My special observer called”)
  3. Watch the log files. In Linux, the tail command is very helpful for this. From the /var/log folder: tail -f system.log exception.log
Some more tips:
  • Include print_r() output in the log like this: Mage::log(“myvar = ” . print_r($myvar, true))
  • Add to the exception.log using Mage::logException()
  • The Mage class has some useful helper functions (/app/Mage.php)
  • Get the actual class name of any object: $name = get_class($object)
  • If you copy and paste this code, you’ll probably need to fix the fancy quotation marks.